The SoftwareCorner Story

Founded in 1997 in Switzerland, we have been specialized in licensing of software via CD's and downloads to Academic, Corporate and Government entities in several European countries. The company will soon be ready to enter the future "zero carbon" innovation and technology park for high-tech companies on the old Cardinal premises in Fribourg. It is at the same time the start of our GO GREEN initiative. 

Who are our Customers
SoftwareCorner customers are found in universities, colleges, academic institutions and technical schools; in research institutes, local authority institutions, hospitals and government bodies; in leading corporations in industrial and commercial R&D, design, production and test facilities, structural, electrical or mechanical engineering, finance, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other product development.
Individual users of our products can be described as anyone using PC's and Mac's in an engineering, research, scientific or technical application; they range from engineers and designers developing innovative new products or processes to researchers conducting experiments in all branches of physical and life sciences.


We only have worldwide leading suppliers

Our aim is to constantly look for and suggest you the best hardware and software products in their domain of use, products we believe in, products that we are confident with and that offer our clients value for money and an excellent return on their investment.


All our suppliers are well established developers offering innovative and robust products thanks you leading edge technologies. We choose suppliers with whom we can maintain a convivial and productive working long-term relationship, and whose business practices, goals and care for customers are equivalent to our own.


  Future site of Technopark Fribourg Cardinal


We have the best team in town
Our team is our capital and our success is based on teamwork. Each member of our international team constitutes a vital part of the SoftwareCorner operations by contributing in forming a harmony within the company. We are a friendly, hard-working, ambitious, and committed team who gets a lot of satisfaction from being the best at what we do, and enjoy doing it. As a company, we are dedicated to providing the best customer experience and the best technical solutions in line with our mission to be the number 1 company in our field.


Investing in professional and technical training to assure quality and to give our staff best chances to be perfectly informed and up to date, to solve problems and ensure perfect service.


Want to join our forces?
We're regularly looking for ambitious people who have something special to offer, to join our hard-working team.

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