Our future depends on our acts of today. SoftwareCorner has decided to strive to reach a zero emissions goal with our company to prove that an ecologically responsible attitude is compatible with healthy business growth, and to ensure a better future for the next generations.

We do have a 5-step Go Green Initiative at our company that we expand continuously:


Office Building
An office building uses a huge amount of energy. We have decided to move to a more energy efficient building and will enter the future "zero carbon" innovation and technology park for high-tech companies on the old Cardinal premises as soon as it is finished building.

Power used by the company to power our offices is guaranteed to be 100% of hydraulic production.
We have set up an automatic switch off for all our lightning system as well as for our PC's and machines. All lights and PCs are switched off at night and on week-ends.

Low Energy PC's and printers
We purchase only low energy PCs and have chosen Inkjet over Laser printers. The result for the printer choice is a lower energy consumption and a lower recycling rate for the cartridges.

All of our data is held in an external ecologically friendly datacenter which is shared by thousands of leading companies. Our website and web services are also hosted in a green and low-power consumption center.

LED lights
We have only LED lights for reduced energy consumption. Lights are switched off in unoccupied rooms, at night and on week-ends.

Air conditioning
It is only in our training facilities that air conditioning is used when a class is being taken during hot summer days. Otherwise, air conditioning is switched off and not used in our offices when outside temperatures are below 30°C.


Public transport
Tickets for public transport for employees are reimbursed by the company. In exchange employees agree to not use their cars as the method of transport for getting to work.
For employees who live outside town, if there is no public transport service route between their place of residence and the company, the company will reimburse the annual costs for parking outside of the city (Park and Ride) as well as the season ticket for public transport.

Green Mobility
Every employee, who chooses to go to work by bicycle in the summer is allocated a sum of money equivalent to a new, good quality bike.

Bicycles are made available to employees for their professional and private travel during the day. This way they have a transportation way that is fast, practical and environmentally friendly for lunch in town and doing light shopping.

Electric car (project)
SoftwareCorner will purchase an electric powered car in replacement of the actual company car, when its life's end is reached. This will be a fully electric car which does not emit any gas, fine particles or carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.


Received and unused paper lands in a waste paper basket available in every office. It is given to a specialized recycling company.

Almost all internal correspondence is conducted by email only. For external correspondence, we use recycled paper, or FSC labeled paper, and use the "Pro Clima" carbon neutral service from the Swiss Post.

Most archives are done exclusively in electronic form and without printing, using scanning and filing, and are stored using a data protection software.
Waste sorting bins have been installed in our offices to separate regular waste from PET/Aluminum. We encourage our employees to use tap water instead of PET or cans. 

Electronic components/Batteries

All unused electronic components are transported to a waste recovery center for recycling.
We try to avoid the use of batteries at all in our company.

Toner and printer cartridges
By switching from Toner to Inkjet printer cartridges, we not only reduced our electrical consumption for printing by 50%, but also our cartridges waste, since we use a refill company for the cartridges. For those that reach end of life, they are recovered by a firm specializing in recycling them.


PC's and Printers
When purchasing PC's and printers, we favor machines using «low voltage» technology that have lower energy consumption (consumption of electricity and waste heat).

FSC Paper
Any paper the company uses for its marketing and invoicing comes only from 100% recycled paper or paper that is FSC certified.

Hosting company
Our hosting company, which hosts our websites and other web services uses green energy and also has a green initiative.

Carbon neutral mailings
All our paper mailings are send by Swiss Post using their Carbon Neutral "Pro Clima" service. We self-print our stamps on the envelopes to reduce paper use or print a prepaid PP stamp on the letter. We are working on a similar solution for our packages also.

Purchasing policy
Companies with a green initiative or who are developing procedures or solutions that show respect for the environment are favored over rival products or solutions.


Organic Fruits Basket
Every week we receive the delivery of a basket of organic seasonal fruits so that all our visitors and employees have something fresh and healthy to eat whenever they want and that generates next to no waste.

Fresh grinded Coffee
We have replaced our coffee capsule system that uses aluminum or plastic capsules with a fully equipped espresso machine that grinds its coffee freshly. This results in getting a better coffee, reduce the purchase price for one coffee from CHF 0.50 to CHF 0.10, and having only waste that can be used as fertilizer for the garden.

Bottled water
Bottled water and water fountains have been withdrawn in favor of water jugs and glasses. In this way, greater emphasis is placed on drinking tap water, which is of excellent quality in our city.

SoftwareCorner has given up the use of disposable tableware for meals that are eaten in the office or at celebrations.

We continue to work more towards a greener attitude and will add more information on what we do in order to reach this goal.

Join our green initiative and set-up a plan like ours in your company! Let us know if we can help you setting it up. The future starts today...