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The professional standard for everyday use


Mission-critical or infrastructure-level product with enhanced development, deployment, and support

Product Features

Computation Kernelseweb1 4 kernels  8 kernels 16 kernels
Parallel Computing
Wolfram|Alpha API Calls 100 per day 1,000 per day Unlimited*
Licensed for Commercial
One Year of Premier Service Included with Purchase  
Premier Service May Be Renewed Annually  

Premier Service Benefits

Benefits apply as long as service subscription is maintained.
Technical Support Email
(For first 30 days)
Email + Phone Email + Phone
Target Response Time 3 business days
(For first 30 days)
3 business days 1 business day
(2 hours for production system emergencies)
Complimentary Upgrades  
Free Home-Use License  
Wolfram Workbench  
webMathematica Amateur  
Lightweight Grid Manager  
Additional Wolfram|Alpha
API Calls
  1,000 per day Unlimited*
Enterprise CDF
Technical Services